Ways to support RFC:

  • Come to the annual fundraising dinner each spring
  • Talk to a ministry leaders or elders at your church about supporting RFC
  • Become a monthly financial partner
  • Preference your gift toward interns or international students


Please keep us in your prayers!

  • Ministry
  • Staff
  • Students
  • Alumni

Bring Food

The way to a college student's heart is FREE FOOD!

  • Dinner for Monday Night Devotional
    (aprx. 60 people)
  • Lunch for the students (aprx. 25 people)


Become a mentor for college student!

  • Bible Study
  • Take them out for coffee

Other Ways to Donate

A few more ways to help out.

  • Find us on Amazon Smiles
  • Give through your Kroger Card

All contributions are made with the understanding that Raiders For Christ (Middle Tennessee Christian Foundation) has complete control and administration over the use of all donation funds.

If Raiders For Christ is unable to honor your preference, then funds will be used where most necessary.